How to make your instagram black on the iPhone and Android

how to make your instagram black on the iPhone and Android -
Instagram has now officially released dark mode for iPhone iOS 13 users. This dark mode will make the user's eyes feel more comfortable when viewing photos or videos on Instagram which usually feels striking because the background of the application is white.

how to make your instagram black

This mode cannot be activated if the phone is not in dark mode or Instagram black. If the dark mode on the phone is turned off, then the Instagram display will return to normal.

How to make your Instagram dark mode (Instagram black) on the iPhone:

1. Make sure your iPhone is installed iOS 13

The Instagram dark mode feature can only work on iPhones that also support dark mode by default. While only iOS 13 supports this mode.

2. Activate iPhone's dark mode

The steps to make your instagram black on the iPhone are:

Open Settings -> Display -> select 'Dark Mode'

3. Download the latest Instagram version

This mode can only be used on the latest Instagram version.

4. Open the Instagram application

Now your Instagram is automatically using dark mode. If you want to return it to normal view, you only need to change from 'dark mode' to 'light mode' in iPhone settings.

While for Android users now it can also use dark mode on Instagram. It's just that this new feature can be used in beta.

How to make your Instagram's dark mode (Instagram black) on Android:

1. Make sure your Android phone supports dark mode

Similar to the iPhone, Instagram's dark mode on Android also only works on phones that have dark mode. This dark mode is only supported on phones with the Android operating system 10. So for owners of Android versions 9 (Oreo) and below, there is no dark mode option.

2. Activate the dark mode on Android phones

The steps that must be done are:

Settings -> Display -> Night Mode -> On

3. Join the beta

Open the App Store -> scroll to find the column "You're a Beta Tester" -> select "Join Beta" then really for a moment.

4. Download Instagram beta

After successfully joining the beta, the next is to update the Instagram app beta.

5. Display your Instagram now in dark mode

Open your Instagram application and see the difference. If you want to return to the previous display, users only need to deactivate the dark mode in the phone's settings