Man suspected of gunning down reputed mob boss mistook him as 'deep state' figure

The guy in New York, accused of killing a recognized mafia leader, believed his sufferer was a landmark in the "deep state" and had decided to arrest a citizen, his lawyer said. protection.

The killing, March 13, by Francesco "Franky Boy" Cali, a criminal circle of relatives of Gambino's relatives, was originally considered a crime.

But now apparently suspicion that 24-year-old Anthony Comello killed Cali in an off-base confidence that the crowd decides to be "profound," a secret group to oversee the US government, wrote lawyer Robert Gottlieb in courtroom papers was presented in a courtroom in Staten Island Friday.

"He believed fiercely that Francesco Cali, a president of the criminal circle of Gambino's relatives, was a prominent member of the deep state and consequently an appropriate target for the arrest of a citizen," wrote Gottlieb, to improve protection of Comello as a "psychological illness or deficiency".

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Comello, who is accused of second-degree murder, can even claim that he does not intend to kill Cali. If the truth is said, we tried to take it into custody, but if Cali "made a furtive motion right around his belt," that was when Comello opened the fireplace in harmony with Gottlieb.

"Mr. Comello is afraid of his existence," wrote the protection lawyer. "He reached his car, picked up his gun and shot Mr. Cali for self-defense."

The emergency workers team is located near the murder of Gambino's crime chief, Frank Cali on Staten Island, March 13, 2019.WNBC

The "Deep State" competition principle has recently taken hold of Qanson's movement, which believes that President Donald Trump is the most important successful fight against these eerie secret forces.

Qanon activists have become regular participants in Trump's collections, ceaselessly wearing Q of cardboard.

Comello killed Cali with all confidence that Trump would have improved, said Gottlieb.

"Mr. Comello made sure he played security for President Trump himself and that he had the full improvement of the president," Gottlieb wrote.

At Comello's first legal appearance on March 18, he wrote "MAGA incessante" and "United We Stand MAGA" scraped in his left hand.

"Since the election of President Trump in November 2016, the circle of relatives of Anthony Comello has begun to notice his people's adjustments," said the protection.

"Mr. Comello, the defendant in this case, becomes a growing number of votes on his improvement for" QAnon ", a conspiracy right-wing political party. However, Comello's improvement on QAnon went beyond mere participation in an in-depth political group moving on to become a delusional occupation ".

Cali, 53, was shot to die outside his home in the Staten Island group Todt Hill. Comello has reportedly hit its GMC Sierra pickup in Cali's parked Cadillac Escalade, causing the patient to return to research.

Comello had introduced the handcuffs to arrest Cali and "take him to the right government to respond to the legal movements which Comello believed he had participated" in accordance with the protection.

Earlier, Comello had tried to "arrest" the mayor of New York Invoice de Blasio and representatives of the US Maxine Waters and Adam Schiff, each California Democrat, referring to his protection.

Cali used to shoot 10 times, and Comello sat a few days later in Brick, New Jersey.