Sekiro mod lets you fight bosses, and only bosses, in any order you want

If I finished Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Congratulations! It is not a simple process. And if you take a look at reliving the reflection and the catars to defeat brutally misleading sports bosses, they gave me some good information. You shouldn't play again during the whole recreation from the beginning to spend a few rounds of the most important, the ugliest bad guys - now there can be Sekiro's Boss Rush courage, which helps you fight sports bosses and more effective leaders of the sport. And you will be able to fight them in the order you need.

With the Mod Boss Rush inserted, you will be able to choose between an inventory of garments using the sculptor's idol on the Dilapido Temple and warp the area of ​​the boss you are operating with. I hope you don't want a warm-up because you might be ready to fight Butterfly Girl, Monk Corrupted, the divine dragon, the ridiculous monkey without the massive head and every other head you have to visit again. (Mud Thefifthmatt says the boss is outlined as an enemy that gives you a reminiscence while defeating them, so no snakes or chain gentlemen here).

What's extra, defeat a president of the primary time, gives you a 1,000 late coin bag that you can spend on clumps of shops and you'll also acquire XP every time you beat them. There are no NPCs so you will be able to take care of your idol updates in the temple. Fashion also offers several optimized amenities that remember:

  • Skip the instruction phase from the Ashina reservoir over
  • Withdrawals and drops of goods do not pause the sport
  • No popup instructions in the game
  • No video about the first death
  • No room to walk slowly
  • Immediately change more than one pumpkin seed and more than one bean collar
  • The pieces purchased are removed from the store

Of course, this mod is not really useful for beginners, but for Sekiro veterans who need the best possible road and spend a few extra rounds of maximum opponents without having to play with all recreation.

You can find Boss Rush against right here on Nexus Mods, with complete instructions on how to configure it. If you have to try against moving, you can see an experienced participant using it in the video below.